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As always, the location of the Saturday event will be given to the HowdyCon attendees the day of, and the special guests may or may not remain shrouded in mystery until it starts. We will do our best to have some form of streaming, but can't promise there will be no unforeseen circumstances which prevent it. 

There will be a pizza dinner, with no upfront cost for attendees, but an opportunity to reimburse the cost will be given at the event. Please RSVP to Fly so he knows how much to order, and include info on any dietary restrictions or allergies. You are welcome to carry in your own dinner if you wish. 


Enjoy local St. Louis grub and share a drink with your favorite commenters while discussing the latest and greatest in the ever-more-exciting world of Scientology watching, followed by fascinating guest speakers. See you there!

Meanwhile, please enjoy these memories of HowdyCon Saturday Events Past, which, as you can see below, have included many luminaries of the ex and critic communities. 


HowdyCon 2016 - Cleveland

2016 event taken by tony.jpg
touretzky speaking.jpg

Surprise guest Dave Tourtezky

Len speaking.jpg

Len Zinberg

tony imani.jpg

The Proprietor with the youngest Fly offspring

HowdyCon 2017 - Denver

howdy sign.jpg
tony bernie IMGP2852.jpg

The Proprietor and Bernie Headley

Claire IMGP2863.jpg
marc IMGP2843.jpg

Claire and Marc Headley

cathy s IMGP2870.jpg

Cathy Schenkelberg performing a selection from Squeeze My Cans

cannane IMGP2848.jpg

Australian journalist and author of "Fair Game: the Incredible Untold Story of Scientology in Australia" Steve Cannane

HowdyCon 2018 - Chicago

Chicago Fire star and ex-Scientologist Christian Stolte performing the song he wrote for HowdyCon 2018 (some NSFW language)

HowdyCon 2019 - LA

tory tony spanky.jpg

Tory Christman, the Proprietor, Spanky Taylor

2019 cult awareness podcast karen.jpg

Saturday event surprise--the inaugural Cult Awareness Podcast with Jim Underdown, Jerry Minor, the Proprietor and guest Karen de la Carriere