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Apocalyptic meteor action not guaranteed, but there is plenty to see and do in St. Louis. 


Fly has offered to conduct guided tours, visiting both tourist spots and local hangouts. If you are interested please let him know at Possible locations are listed below. In your RSVP email please note which of them are most interesting to you.

NOTE: if you are planning to go up the Gateway Arch, whether on your own or part of Fly's group, pre-purchasing your tickets is strongly recommended.

Friday: Gateway Arch museum and trip to the top - buy tickets for 10:00 a.m. or as close as possible using the link in the note above if you want to do this as part of the group. This is the only hard-scheduled outing due to the necessity for buying tickets in advance.


Walk along riverfront, graffiti wall
Pick up lunch at Gioia’s downtown deli (taste of The Hill)
Eat at City Garden
City Museum. This is an interactive place; not your typical art museum but there are exhibits if you prefer that. Note: tends to be crowded and loud. 
Evening event - Shakespeare in Forest Park

Soulard Market 
Zoo and/or Art Museum - these are next door to each other
Lunch and shopping/strolling on Delmar Loop - best record store in the city is here, and the St. Louis Org is in the area



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