Steven L. Cox, a/k/a Captain Howdy on the Bunker (source of the Random Howdy feature) and Sharkbait Steve elsewhere, was a founding member of the Underground Bunker, though his activity as a critic started long before. He lost his only sibling to Scientology decades ago and, as she had long since disconnected from him, never met her children—a fact which caused him considerable pain.  

Howdy was the most unlikely and contradictory Renaissance man you would ever come across. He was a self-confessed recovering addict and alcoholic who had relapsed numerous times and was living in a bad neighborhood in Revere, MA. He was a former punk rocker (you can hear him singing here) and chef, fascinated by serial killers and other denizens of the dark side, yet compassionate toward and protective of those he cared about. He loved animals; sharks were his favorite. He changed his avatar occasionally, but always went back to the classic cover of Hubbard's loopy The Creation of Human Ability.


Howdy had a brilliant, incisive mind, a wide range of knowledge about a surprising number of subjects (but especially music), and a finely tuned sock/troll/catfish detector. He could be harsh and did not suffer fools gladly, but often patiently explained things to the uninitiated. He was a cynic and a grouch with a heart that was hard around the edges and soft in the middle. He thought people who meet up with internet people in real life are idiots. 


When he quietly walked on in March 2015 the Bunker suffered an irreplaceable loss. 


Of course it had to be HowdyCon. 

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